Food Processor Vs Blender For Hummus – Which One Is Better?

Hummus is an incredibly popular dip-and-spread meal among vegans and people leading a healthy and efficient life.

But, how to make hummus in an individual taste? Should you use a food processor or a blender to create the best taste?

Are you a newbie homecook? You can’t differentiate the function and last results created by these two appliances? Let us help you out and be able to know which one is better with a full comparison of Food Processor Vs Blender For Hummus.

Classic hummus is ready to be served
Classic hummus is ready to be served

Some Similarities Between These Two Appliances

Their function 

It must be made clear that both tools enable us to make hummus easily and quickly. Also, those appetizing hummus dishes surely are better than that of store-bought cans. 

Both will do you a favor to bring every ingredient together and mix them really well in a flash. A powerful blender can work just as efficiently as a food processor. 

Their lifespan and warranty

These handy machines have varying lifespan. Some last a few months while others last for years. It heavily depends on your daily use, how you use it, and afterward cleanup so that cheaper models can work and last just as long as you wanted. 

Although many of these household appliances can last up to 10 years and over, they will appear with some glitches, dullness, and breakdowns when reaching two-thirds of their lifespan. For example, if a blender is used for over 6 years, its motor will be less efficient as it used to OR even stop working. 

In this case, warranties are here to save the game. There are two types of them which are motor warranty and entire unit warranty. Mostly, the motor warranty is much longer than the entire unit warranty. The shortest warranty period is six months, and the longest lasts over 20 years! How crazy it is!

Their prices 

So the story is you DO get what you pay for, right? Fancy gadgets will last over ten years and go together with replacement parts as well as a long-term warranty. However, you don’t need to come at budget-breaking prices to own an efficient food processor or a blender.  

As these items vary in prices, and your intention is making hummus, you can totally bring home a reasonably-priced food processor or blender that blows your mind. Such food processors or blenders from $70-$100 perform wonderfully. In other words, making hummus isn’t a labor-intensive task, so lower-priced models are acceptable.

What Are The Critical Differences Between Food Processor Vs Blender For Hummus?

Despite having quite similar aspects, these machines consist of significantly different features for the purpose of making hummus. Don’t stop reading because you won’t want to miss out at all!

Food Processor Vs Blender For Hummus
Food Processor Vs Blender

Food processors

Most hummus recipes involve food processors when it comes to mixing the texture.

  • Tool structure: They have sharper blades, less powerful motors, and wide containers. The wilder bowl means ingredients disperse more evenly without over mixing anything inside the bowl. 
  • Functions: They are best for slicing through hard ingredients or creating something with a rougher texture. Home cooks mostly use them for making marinades, pesto, salsa, dough, and crumble toppings.
  • How to use it: That’s not to say you can never put liquid in that short container. Just remember to be careful with hot liquids or freshly-baked ingredients in making hummus such as fresh tomatoes. 
  • The texture of mixed hummus: Thanks to food processors, you can accomplish the kind of chunky and crumbled hummus with a bit of body and some texture in it served to your own taste. The last outcome won’t be as creamy as it’s supposed to be with blenders.


How to make hummus without food processor? Well, blenders will take your tasty hummus to the next level.

  • Tool structure: They usually consist of robust duller blades and tall containers. Since they are taller, there will be no chance of spills or leakage. 
  • Functions: They are commonly used for soups, smoothies, margaritas, marinades, and sauce types. 
  • How to use it: you should add a little amount of liquid like olive oil to bring sauces and spreads together. On the other hand, to extend your blender’s lifespan, you should blend in small batches and skip 3 to 5 seconds until the next blending. This technique will also help make your hummus smoother and better mixed.
  • The texture of mixed hummus: If you want to experience the feeling of having something light and elegant in your mouth, then an extra creamy and smoothie hummus made by a blender is a terrific choice!

In some cases, if you only have a food processor at home but your kids want creamy hummus to enjoy on wraps or as a tasty dip, here are some useful tips for nailing that. You should take a little longer than usual, which is around 4 – 5 times and stir the mixture towards the center every round. 

The Bottom Line

To sum up, they are both huge stars in different tasks. Food processors are better for slicing and dicing hard ingredients while blenders are best for mixing them all together. 

In terms of choosing Food Processor Vs Blender For Hummus for your personal taste, the first one will provide grainy and thick hummus while the second one will keep the texture more and more creamy over time. You must acquire the vital differences between them, right? 

Can’t wait to bring home the best appliance to meet your needs and get ready to cook a delicious hummus meal. 

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